The Power of a Thank You Note

At the end of the day, you can’t create a successful initiative without the support of others. And it is essential that you thank the people who help you along the way. Though some may find it antiquated, people will greatly appreciate an acknowledgement of their role in your success, and a thank you noteContinue reading “The Power of a Thank You Note”

Making Social Media Work for YOU!

Regardless of your experience with social media, creating an Instagram, Facebook or TikTok for your initiative can be a game changer! The farther the reach of your organization, the bigger potential for donations, community involvement and collaborations with other people. But the process isn’t one size fits all! The way I see it, you haveContinue reading “Making Social Media Work for YOU!”

PATH #2, STEP #8: Letters of Confirmation for Your Initiative

By this time, you’ve probably done some service! Congratulations, I am SO proud of you for taking this journey with me, and truly creating some joy in your community, from scratch. In the future, you may run into needing to prove how much you’ve raised, or how many hours you’ve served. Some schools, pageants, etc.Continue reading “PATH #2, STEP #8: Letters of Confirmation for Your Initiative”

PATH #2, STEP #7: People are Donating… Now What!?

First thing’s first… you must keep track of your donors! If you don’t keep track of who donated and how much, you won’t be able to accurately total what you raised, or properly thank those who supported you. Thankfully, I have created just the thing to help you keep track of your donors! If yourContinue reading “PATH #2, STEP #7: People are Donating… Now What!?”

PATH #2, STEP #6: Fundraising: How to Actually Make Money

Let’s be real, there’s no such thing as bad fundraising when it’s for a good cause. However, not all fundraisers were created equal. You will get out of it what you put into it. Here’s the secret sauce: PRICING: If you’re selling a product, price it appropriately. You’re probably thinking okay Sophia, duh. But whatContinue reading “PATH #2, STEP #6: Fundraising: How to Actually Make Money”

PATH #2, STEP #4: Pick a Name

Picking a name is both exciting and daunting. I’ve been there, so I get it… the uncertainty of whether or not your name is catchy enough, whether it’s been done before, or if you’ll want to change it within in a week. But guess what? I’m going to help you pick a killer name fromContinue reading “PATH #2, STEP #4: Pick a Name”

PATH #2, STEP #3: Pick a Skill to Monetize/ Activity to Lead

Next up to consider is what you will actually be doing for your service project! There are 2 main categories here to ask from people: Gifts of Money and Gifts of Time. What is a Gift of Money? This is when people donate money to your cause either because they believe in your message, orContinue reading “PATH #2, STEP #3: Pick a Skill to Monetize/ Activity to Lead”