Goal Setting

As a Miss America Organization Candidate, it’s not just about what you’ve done- but also what you will do with the opportunity to be a titleholder. I recommend sitting down with a pen and pencil, and taking a moment to journal over these prompts:

Who am I serving right now? How could I serve them better?

If I could expand my reach, what other communities or areas would I like to serve? ie. different geographic regions, age groups, socioeconomic brackets, underrepresented/ minority groups etc.

If you could dream up what “success” looks like for your social impact initiative, what does that look like? What needs to happen to get you from where you are now, to your vision?

What social media platforms are you utilizing for your initiative? How can you expand or improve your social media presence?

As a titleholder, how would you involve members of the MAO community your work?

How is your Social Impact Initiative relevant to your local community, your state and the nation?

Take the time to think hard about these questions, and you will be able to celebrate where you’ve come from, with new inspiration for where you’re going!

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