The Power of a Thank You Note

At the end of the day, you can’t create a successful initiative without the support of others. And it is essential that you thank the people who help you along the way. Though some may find it antiquated, people will greatly appreciate an acknowledgement of their role in your success, and a thank you note is the perfect way to do it. Don’t underestimate the value of handwritten card!

I like to make one personalized card for my own initiative in Shutterfly! I then make a list of everyone that donated or assisted me in that calendar year or for a specific project, reach out for their addresses, order a few more cards than I think I need (just in case anyone is accidentally left off the list!)… sign each card by hand, and send!

If I run a smaller event I sometimes just buy blank thank you cards and handwrite each note, but for my 2020 cards, I actually had to send so many that it made more sense to personalize one design and order that. Here’s an example of what I sent last year:

Notice that the note is in the color scheme of my initiative! Keep your branding at the forefront in any materials you create. Photos help personalize the note too. Be heartfelt and authentic, but also professional. Whatever you do, you can never go wrong with a genuine thank you. You’ve got this!

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