Making Social Media Work for YOU!

Regardless of your experience with social media, creating an Instagram, Facebook or TikTok for your initiative can be a game changer! The farther the reach of your organization, the bigger potential for donations, community involvement and collaborations with other people. But the process isn’t one size fits all! The way I see it, you have 2 options:

Option #1: Create a dedicated page for your initiative


  • You do not have to make your personal social media public for the sake of publicity/ raising awareness
  • You can pre-plan your feed and create a cohesive design
  • Your profile can be the great new logo you created previously in our journey!


  • You will have to start from scratch in terms of followers
  • You will need a separate email, etc.

Option #2: Post initiative related content on your existing social media


  • You already have followers and your friends and family will see your journey by default!
  • Less time commitment: you don’t need to make a new email, etc. and create new profiles with new passwords


  • This likely limits the amount of content you will want to share and therefore exposure
  • You have to sacrifice your privacy by making your accounts public if you wish to truly expand your reach
  • If you wish to start a dedicated account at a later date, you will lose all the content you’ve shared already unless you take the time to repost everything on your new page

Reflect on what your goals are for your initiative! If expansion is the goal, I believe it is wise to separate your social media & contact information. But as your own boss, it’s entirely up to you and you can always change your mind.

Whatever you decide, be sure to create hashtags you can always use! Tag any related organizations or media to spread the words. Be consistent in a posting schedule and you’re sure to be a success!

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