Who am I & What is My Mission?

Welcome! My name is Sophia Takla, and I am a college student, professional actor, amateur baker, and collector of joy! Throughout my life, I have looked to volunteer service as an outlet when things seemed bleak. Starting at age 8, after the passing of my cousin to Pediatric Medulloblastoma, I began my work volunteering for terminally ill children with Sparrow Clubs USA. After being part of a team that raised over $100,000 for our sponsored child, I felt joy unlike ever before, seemingly tapping into a new vocation.

As I grew older, I began to take a special interest in the Children’s Cancer Association because of it’s unique commitment to making kids happy during their treatment. Through many years of service to the CCA through personal fundraising, helping organize and lead the Portland Catholic High School’s Annual CCA Walk, and hosting toy drives, etc. I latched onto the CCA’s motto of “We Prescribe Joy!”

At the start of the pandemic, when many of CCA’s regular programs were put on hold, I didn’t want to stop giving back. Thus, my own socially distant bake sale called Operation Joy! was born. As I began to get more and more questions from people about how to start a service project or a pageant platform, the idea of this blog was born. Joy and a lifestyle of service having become a central theme of my life, I knew it would be the focus. Additionally, I wanted to keep it related to my bake sale, so I thought, “from scratch” was the perfect term to describe how I like to create joy. On my blog, I hope you will enjoy my step by step guide to creating your own service initiative, fundraiser, or platform, and I believe it will bring you a sense of great JOY. Don’t hesitate to reach out in the contact tab if you want help starting your own fundraising or service initiative!

My adventures in the non-profit world today include working for Sparrow Clubs USA as the assistant to the Portland Director, Laura Queen. I’m also a volunteer for Chelsea’s Closet PDX of the Chelsea Hicks Foundation, as well as serving as the face of the Miss Oregon Scholarship Program in the 501(c)4 Miss America Organization.

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