PATH #2, STEP #8: Letters of Confirmation for Your Initiative

By this time, you’ve probably done some service! Congratulations, I am SO proud of you for taking this journey with me, and truly creating some joy in your community, from scratch. In the future, you may run into needing to prove how much you’ve raised, or how many hours you’ve served. Some schools, pageants, etc. may require this of you if you every submit your work in a contest or as qualification for something. Here’s what you need to know:

If you have a parent organization, that is the route you need to go to get your letter of confirmation! If you don’t know what a parent organization is because you didn’t go through my 2 path, step by step process, read about it HERE. If you don’t have a parent organization, scroll below this section to see my recommendations.

  • Go to your parent organization’s website
  • Look for a tab that says “contact” or “about.” The contact tab is often at the very bottom of the page if you scroll all the way down!
  • Locate the name, email and/or phone number of the organization’s contact person
  • Contact them! (But build in PLENTY of time if you need a letter of confirmation by a certain date. Try to build in at least a month to acquire that letter)
  • Introduce yourself, explain your initiative, that you are going to donating ____ amount of money or material items to their organization (or already have!) and that you need a letter verifying how much you raised, how many hours you served, and/or specifics of your project. However, don’t feel the need to specify those exact numbers until you hear back
  • They should respond and be happy to do this for you, (non-profits have to verify donations all the time so this shouldn’t be new to them!) and will likely ask for you to respond with those specific numbers and details now. Don’t worry if they ask you to prove all you did. You can show them the Donor Log and/or Contributor Log I provided you with that you filled out! (If you don’t know the difference, read about it HERE) They will surely be impressed by your organization skills and professionalism
  • Send them any information they need and get a copy of your letter! If it’s a letter on paper, make sure to scan a copy (I love the mobile app Scanner Pro. It costs a few dollars but is a great tool to scan professionally from your phone!) and save it digitally for your records (and so you never lose it!)
  • Voila! You are now able to prove to others all the great work you have done!

If you don’t have a parent organization, you can use the Donor Log and/or Contributor Log I provided you with in my previous articles to showcase all you’ve done! You can combine these documents into one, where you include photographs from your service! I would also recommend trying to get a letter from someone you impacted, or an adult in your life talking about what you did, just to lend more credibility to your work in a stranger’s eyes.

Congratulations! You’ve completed PATH #2 for building your very own service initiative. Thank you so much for letting me help you along your journey. You can always reach out to me at to inquire about your initiative or if you need help! I’m happy to consult with you for free! I wish you the best of luck on your journey and encourage you to continue reading my relevant articles, for example- my writing about thank you notes & social media. Always remember, that just like cupcakes, joy can be created, from scratch!

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