PATH #2, STEP #4: Pick a Name

Picking a name is both exciting and daunting. I’ve been there, so I get it… the uncertainty of whether or not your name is catchy enough, whether it’s been done before, or if you’ll want to change it within in a week. But guess what? I’m going to help you pick a killer name from the get go! So let’s get started:

Examine your cause or parent organization:

If your parent organization has a slogan or motto, try grabbing a word or two out of that. For example, the motto of my parent organization is all about joy, so I took that word and put it into a title of my own creation!

If you don’t have a parent organization, but you know your specific cause (for example working with animals in shelters, people experiencing food or housing insecurity, keeping our beaches clean, etc.), consider all the words related to your cause. Consider making a word web! It seems so simple, but it’ll get your gears turning about all the possible routes you could take when picking a name.

Frankly, ruminating on ideas for naming your service initiative might take a few days. It might you hit in the middle of the night or when you least expect it, but it will come to you! Don’t rush it, because the right name is worth waiting for.

Is my name taken?

This is the next step in your process. Do a quick Google search to see if there is already a non-profit or website of that name. If you don’t find anything, move next to major social media platforms. Is there an account or organization with your name on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube? Maybe there is something with that name, but it’s not actively being used and it’s not copyrighted! If so, you can move ahead with confidence.

Bounce your idea off of family and friends!

Let’s be real, sometimes ideas sound better in your head than they do out loud, and if you’re doing all the work to start your own community involvement project, you’re probably going to be talking about it a lot! Take advantage of the best resources around you, your family and friends, and get their input. Is it catchy? Would they remember it? Do they have better ideas or modifications for you?

Well, after all that… you’re official! Congratulations, you’ve picked the name for your brand new service initiative! This is a big step.

Head now to PATH #2, STEP #5: Branding & Logo Making

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