PATH #1, STEP #2: Making Contact with an Organization

Firstly, let me say that if you chose to sign up for a volunteer opportunity via Volunteer Match, you can skip this step! However, if you decided to pursue an organization independently of a volunteer search engine, then you’ll have to sign up to volunteer via the organization’s website!

Usually, the website for a non-profit will have some kind of tab that says “Get Involved,” “Volunteer,” etc. And guess, what!? Not to be Captain Obvious, but that’s where you want to go! If the organization has a good website, (which any organization worth its salt should!) then there should be instructions on where to go from there.

Sometimes, you have to complete a few steps before you can volunteer, particularly if you are going to be working with kids, seniors, etc. You may need to complete a background check, prove that you have certain vaccinations, or simply fill out an application. If you are volunteering as a requirement for school, a club, etc. and have a deadline, you want to make sure that you have ample time to jump through those hoops. Don’t wait until the last minute! Non-profits, particularly small or local ones may take some time to get back to you when you reach out, so I recommend picking and contacting your non-profit as soon as possible if you have time restrictions. If you’re just serving for fun or to give back, then don’t sweat it!

Once you’ve connected with your organization via their website or through a volunteer service search engine, you’re ready for the next step!

Head now to PATH #1, STEP #3: Ready, Set, Serve!

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