PATH #1, STEP #3: Ready, Set, Serve!

GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS! Service time! You did it. You’ve identified a cause that matters to you, found an organization near you, reached out, completed the necessary pre-requisites, and are now ready to get out there and help your community.

Know before you go:

  • The date & time! Check your google/ Apple Maps in advance to see when you need to leave your house to arrive early.
  • The name of the volunteer coordinator/ who you will be working with. If there’s one specific person you’ve been in contact with you via email, make sure you know who they are so you can introduce yourself when you get there. This is also the person you will want to email for a letter of confirmation for your service, or some type of verification. You will likely have to prove that you completed the hours you log when it comes to applying for certain scholarships, etc. (and it’s just good information to have). This way, in your interview- you can share that you volunteered X amount of hours. Metrics always make your SII more credible.
  • Dress appropriately. Depending on the activity, you may have to dress a specific way, or bring specific items. For example, if you’re cleaning up trash on the beach, you may need a hat, sunglasses & sunscreen. If you’re working with kids, you may not be allowed to wear jewelry or loose clothing. If you’re working at a food bank, maybe your hair needs to be up. Those are just some examples!
  • Bring water & a snack! Some activities last a long time. Have everything you need with you in order to spend your day focusing on helping others.

Log those hours!

This is essential, especially for frequent/ repeat volunteers! It’s always important to have a log of your service hours for resume purposes, scholarship applications, school, pageantry, etc.

You can download my FREE, PRINTABLE volunteer service log at the button below! This link will take you to view my Google Doc. Feel free to print it, or make a copy of it and open it in your OWN Google Drive to edit, customize and fill it out digitally!

Lastly, have an amazing time! The best part of service is the relationships you build with the people you’re serving. Be open minded, throw any preconceptions out the window, and be ready to listen. Remember that it is a privilege and JOY to serve in your community! Make some memories, and come again.

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