PATH #1, STEP #1: Choosing an Existing Organization

You’ve taken the first step in your service journey by choosing a path. Good for you! First things first, let’s pick an organization to work with!

Start with Reflection:

Service will always mean more if you feel connected to the cause or people you’re serving. Start with these questions:

  • Has a particular cause directly impacted myself, a family member, or a friend? (ie. an illness, food insecurity, homelessness, domestic abuse, animal rescue, adoption, etc.)
  • Is there a particular organization benefitted myself, a family member, or a friend that I want to give back to?
  • Want needs can I identify in my community? Does my community have environmental issues, increased need for affordable housing, extra hands needed at local animal shelters, etc? What organizations do I know of that might help fill those needs?

Do a Quick Search:

Click the button below, and you’ll be taken to in another tab! This is a great resource to search local volunteer opportunities. You can select your city and even specify areas of service you’re interested in (ie. animals, seniors, children, advocacy and human rights, education and literacy, etc.) If you find a volunteer opportunity that interests you, sign up! Volunteer Match may require you to make a quick, easy account, but it will be helpful in the future so that you can save, view, and participate in more opportunities.

Talk to Family and Friends:

If searching for opportunities on Volunteer Match or in a quick Google Search doesn’t yield your desired results, talk to other people in your community to see where they like to serve! I know personally that a quick chat with family and friends would direct me to a multitude of fabulous non-profits.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to move onto PATH #1, STEP #2: Making Contact with an Organization

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