The 2 Paths: Volunteer with an Organization OR Make Your Own!

Hey you! You’re probably here because you’re looking to do some volunteering. Whether it be for school, church, to diversify your resume, to fulfill the volunteer requirements for a pageant, club, or sport, etc. you’ve come to the right place! First we must acknowledge that you have TWO options.

Path #1: Volunteer with an Existing Organization

This is right for you if…

  • You have limited time or resources
  • You wouldn’t typically classify yourself as a creative person
  • One particular organization speaks to you
  • You want to start volunteering as SOON as possible!

The benefits:

  • The name of an established organization provides credibility… people may be more likely to donate to your efforts or participate with you because of the reputation of this group
  • Time saving. It’s a lot quicker to email a volunteer coordinator about how to get involved than it is to create your own fundraiser and maintain it
  • Once your service is over, it’s done for the time being! Whereas with your own organization, it will be a long-standing commitment, but also be more rewarding in the long run

The limitations:

  • You can only volunteer at times/ locations sponsored by the organization
  • You may need the organization to verify your hours
  • You may have to jump through hoops like a background check, an application, an orientation, etc.

Path #2: Create your OWN service initiative!

This is right for you if…

  • You’re looking to integrate service into your daily life and your future
  • You consider yourself to be creative
  • You’re looking to challenge yourself
  • You want to create something to grow in the future

The benefits:

  • This is frankly, far more impressive! How exciting that you created something on your own! This looks excellent on your resume
  • MORE importantly than how anyone else perceives it, serving consistently over time is going to be very fulfilling in a long lasting way
  • A creative outlet and an opportunity to do good!
  • Your family and friends might be more likely to help out or donate because they see how hard you’ve worked on your own project
  • You are not limited by specific times/ places/ employees. It’s all you! Work however much as you want to, when you want to, and where you want to
  • You will likely develop skills you didn’t possess before, whether that be people skills, time management, money management, social media, website skills, etc.
  • You can get friends and family involved
  • You can help the community in ways that other people may not have even imagined yet! Every organization and great idea had to start with someone… why not you?

The limitations:

  • You may have to invest some of your own money to start out, until you fundraise and can reimburse your expenses, but that amount is up to you, and you may not need to spend a dime!
  • You don’t have the credibility of an existing organization, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build yours!
  • You have to put in some work up front (ie. creating a title, logo, publicizing your project)
  • More time consuming

So, what will it be? The choice is yours! Whatever you decide, or if you want to do a little bit of both, I’ll be right here to guide you. If you want to volunteer with an existing organization, check out PATH #1, STEP #1 to get going! If you want to create your own fundraiser or service initiative of any kind, check out PATH #2, STEP #1. See you there!

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